Today we visited the Peles Castle. It is one of the most famous castles in Romania, bacause it was a royal residence over time which is found in the Carpathian Mountains, near Sinaia, in Prahova Country, about 135 km from the capital city Bucharest.
This castle was used as a summer residence by the king of Romania, Carol I.
It is a unique construction, one of the most important monuments of its kind in 19th century Europe. We were amazed by the beauty of its interior as well as its picturesque surrounding.

Today we had two seminaries about First Aid. Two doctors presented us some important methods that can make us able to help people in case of emergency. Students and teachers alike were taught how to offer First Aid in case of car accidents, when someone faints or in any other dangerous situation.
First of all we were given some information and were shown some short videos, and then the three doctors taught us how to do it properly. At this point many students, in turn, were the victims and the ones offering First Aid. We learned about the safe position someone has to be put in , op to the moment the ambulance arrives, how to operate the CPR, how to do the heimlich maneuver so that we should produce any damage to the ribs, how to keep the victim in a stable situation up to the arrival of the ambulance, and finally how to keep the heart beating, and sending signals to the brain so that this should not be damaged.
In the end of this meeting, both students and teachers received Certificates proving their ability in offering First Aid.

Our students have just got to know each other, made new friends and found out something more about each other’s interests and likes during morning integration games and activities. Our project partners prepared presentations about their schools and cities they come from. They also took part in a discussion about the importance of rest in people’s lives and learned how to rest in an effective way in order to feel well and work productively throughout the whole day. We created posters as well- team work helped the students use their creativity and allowed the them to co-operate with each other.

Yesterday our students went on a trip to Frankfurt and visited Altstadt (the Old Town), Alter Oper (Old Opera) and Senckenberg Museum (natural history museum) where we could see dinosaurs, fossils, various species of animals and many more… We couldn’t have imagined better weather to explore the city, Frankfurt made a great impression on us!

Today, we are participating in a first aid course, learning about how to rescue people who got injured.