The first meeting

The first meetings of the Erasmus+ “ The Academy of Young Rescuer in First Aid and Life Protection” was held on 26th and 27th of November. The meeting took place in our school. The participants of the meetings were members of the partnership from Gliwice – Mrs. Krystyna Kondrusiewicz,  Wetzlar (Germany) – Mrs. Agnes Adamietz, Bucharest (Romania) –Mrs.  Livia Manea and Mrs. Alina Marin, the leader of the project from Silesian University of Technology  – Mr. Mariusz Stępień and the representatives of our school – Mrs. Alicja Kamińska, Mrs. Katarzyna Helisz, Mrs. Agata Borkowska and many other teachers.

During the meeting the main issues of the project and the ideas of its recognition were discussed. The partners also talked about implementing of good practices in their institutions. However the focal point was getting know each other.     

The school presentation

One of the main points was a presentation of our school and our students’ talents. The partners could visit our school, our classrooms, a staff room, a library etc. They also could see paintings made by our students and listen to songs and poems presented by them both in Polish and English. The participants were truly amazed and rewarded them with heart-warming applause.

The meetings with the representatives of our local government

The second day of the meeting was filled with meetings with the representatives of our local government, the head of the municipality Mr. Zbigniew Szczepański and the head of the Education Department  Mrs. Anita Sznajder.

The main topics discussed  were project issues and the natural beauty of the area.

The tourist attractions of the region

The second part of the day was designated to present the beauty of the surroundings. The participants could see The National Park “Bory Tucholskie”, sailing centre in Charzykowy (it’s the oldest in Poland) and The Old Town in Chojnice. The Mylof dam and the Aqueduct in Fojutowo were also places visited during this excursion. These attraction were seen by the partners by now, but  they’ll be also seen by the students, who will come to our school in near future.

The Seed Husking Mill in Klosnowo

During the meetings and excursion partners inevitably talked much about tremendous storm last year, which results were still seen while going to Mylof and on the sight tower nearby.  

Thanks to manager of Seed Husking Mill in Klosnowo, Mr. Witold Prabucki, our guests could finish their visit with hope. He showed them technological process of acquiring new seeds, which will be future trees and bring back the natural beauty to our forests and become the shelter for wild animals again.  

We are really pleased that our guests liked our school and region