🇵🇱 Primary school of the 18th Regiment of Pomeranian Ulans in New Cerkiew is a public, primary school including pre-school departments.  There are 262 students, from 3 to 16 years old. The motto of our school is „ With the history and ecology to the future“.

Since 1966 our school is an organizer of the festivity of the Battle of Krojanty that commemorates soldiers who struggled in the first Polish Cavalry Charge in 1939. Since then we are in touch with those Ulans and their families who live all around the world

(in England, Norway, Sweden, Germany and the USA).  Since 1974 in our school there is the National Memorial Room commemorating the soldiers of the 18th Regiment of Pomeranian Ulans. Such memorial room function as the museum, the centre of the regional education as well as the promotion of the culture and tradition of the region. In order to simplify the raise of some external resources needed in organising the festivity of the Battle of Krojanty, the foundation called ‘Charge of Krojanty’ was established in 2002. Since then more than 20 000 people take part in the commemorations every year.

Moreover, we cooperate with the Polish Cavalry Club established in Poznan, with its military entities in Elblag, Zagania and Bartoszyce. We keep in contact with the general commander of the armed forces, the general Jaroslaw Mika and the chef of staff, the general Leszek Surawski.

As part of the ecological activity, our school cooperates with the Zaborski and the Bory Tucholskie National Park. Working together with the Rytel Forestry Management, we took part in the process of creating the educational path in Klosnowo, based on the forest management and the environmental protection.

From 2015 until 2017 our school took part in the 8th edition of the training program of athletics for teenagers called: Energa Athletic Cup.

In addition, there are varied extra- curricular activities in our school that help students to develop their interests including meetings with writers and athletes. Frankly speaking, our didactic base is updated on-line.

The aim of this project is to exchange fine apprenticeship in the school education based on the theme of life saving, particularly the first aid, healthy life style and nutrition in order to save human lives.

Project coordinator and initiator in Primary school of the 18th Regiment of Pomeranian Ulans in New Cerkiew – Mgr Katarzyna Helisz, graduate teacher: mathematics, informatics, special educational needs teacher.

Additional qualifications: art, education management. Hobbies: economics, photography, landscape architect.