🇵🇱 Zespół Szkolno-Przedszkolny no 2 is located in  Gliwice in the Kopernik housing estate. It has functioned as a complex since September 2012. The school comprises two educational institutions (both created in 1984): Nicholas Copernicus Primary School no 12 and Municipal Kindegarden no 17. Currently the Primary School consists of 23 classes (449 pupils) and the Kindergarden is made up of 15 groups (370 children). There are 65 qualified teachers employed.

The school is a safe and friendly place, which responds to the children’s needs, their family and local environment. It educates and helps to develop skills based on commonly accepted values of being polite, creative, active, tolerant, sensitive and open to other people’s needs, having the sense of belonging to school, family, city and country.

Many educational projects are carried out at school, such as “Focus on Culture” from English, European Education, National Reading Development Programme, Active Whiteboard, European Day of Languages and e-twinning projects. Students are activated to participate in volunteering and cultural life of school and local/ city environment by organizing Family Festivals, Christmas fairs, School Open Days, meetings with interesting people, sports competitions and cooperation with Polish Red Cross in the field of first aid education. The school also has Regional Chamber with exhibits from the Upper Silesia region.

Students take part in many initiatives carried out at school and succeed in different competitions. These include: Poetry Contests, History, Geography, Language competitions at regional, national and international levels, such as „Memory Master”, „Olimpus”, „…in 15 seconds”, „Kangur”, „Alfik” and „Maks matematyczny”.

The teachers are looking for innovative methods and approaches of motivating children to self-development hence improving their interests. Information and communication technology has also been incorporated during lessons. The school educational offer is constantly broadened in order to achieve best results in learning abilities.

The students have taken part in EuroWeek project- a language camp which has enabled them to be part of democratic Europe and acquire most desirable skills in today’s society like leadership, self-presentation and group work. An additional attribute of the project is the fact that all the workshops are conducted in English by the volunteers from all around the world. It gives an opportunity for the kids to develop their language and intercultural skills.