Silesian University of Technology (SUT) is one of the most prestigious and top-ranked technical universities in Poland with nearly 70 years tradition in didactics, research and science. The SUT was founded in May 24t, 1945. Town of Gliwice was chosen for its seat. History and development of the town after Word War are strongly connected with the University’s activity. When created, the University consisted of 4 faculties.

Now it is one of the biggest technical universities in Poland. Located in the center of Upper Silesia, the biggest industrial region in Poland, the SUT contributes actively to the growth of the region and its development. Its main objective has always been focused on education and training of highly component professionals in various fields of technology. There are following faculties: Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer Science, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Chemistry, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Mining and Geology, Faculty of Energy and Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Materials Science Metallurgy and Transport, Faculty of Organization and Management. University offers full-time, part-time and  extramural courses leading to B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. degrees. It contains interdepartmental units like: Engineering Education Center in Rybnik, Central Library, Publishers of the Silesian University of Technology, Foreign Languages Teaching Center, Sports Center, Geometry and Engineering Graphics Center, Research Center for Teaching Techniques, Career Guidance and Student Promotion Center, Computer Center.

Nowadays about 22 thousands of students (daytime 15 000) study at the Silesian University of Technology. The University employs about 1900 academic teachers, including 230 professors. The Silesian University of Technology carries out fundamental and applied research in several subjects being one of the leading Polish institutions in these activities. Simultaneously the University prepares well-educated engineers for Polish industry as well as for the needs of the region. Some courses taught here are unique in the Polish educational system.

The University has established close links with industry all over the country consequently contributing to the improvement of industrial processes. Wide co-operation with centers abroad in another important element of the University’s development. The SUT has been awarded several grants within the framework of various programes such as TEMPUS, TESSA, COPERNICUS, JEAN MONET, SOCRATES, (ERASMUS-ODL), Leonardo da Vinci,  5-th Framework Programme. Within 5th Framework Programme SUT carry out 18 projects (in research and in Acommayning Measures), among them there are 6 coordinated by SUT. The Silesian University of Technology is a member of several organizations such as: Alliance of Universities for Democracy (USA), European Society for Engineering Education SEFI (Bruxelles), European  Universities Association (EUA), UNESCO International Center for Engineering Education (UICEE).

Future Priorities and plans for the University include: Adopting of new requirements of the market economy, Reorganization of the academic structure and modernization of teaching process, Internationalization of education, Introduction of modern teaching methods and new technologies, Introduction of further improvements in the University management practices. The SUT has a deep experience in range of different activities focused on development of industrial students skills. It is based on both domestic and international cooperation between University and numerous enterprises (of all size range). Students at their final semester attend to industry for the internship and very often they start their professional work base on this internship. The University organized, participated and coordinated international summer schools for students in different technical areas. Also different types of activities are organized for students in respect of development their entrepreneurship and innovative thinking. As the summary it can be underline that SUT was ranked as one of the top universities (4th place in rank of Polish technical universities) which educates the most effective managing staff of the Polish enterprises.

All the people involved in the project has experience in international cooperation and cooperation with industry. The staff has also experience in commercialization of the research results. Key people foreseen for the project are authors of important patent applications (also as international patents), some ideas were introduced in practical industrial solutions (e.g. Universal Metallurgical System Analyser). Very important is deep experience of people involved in the program in Erasmus programme, both in respect of student exchange activities (coordination of student exchange, tuition of international students) and teaching experience in foreign partner universities. Recent project funded within Erasmus+ KA2, entitled “Academy of International Technoentrepreneuship” realized was realized successfully in part at SUT, where two weeks intensive course was organized for 50 international students.

Project coordinator at SUT Dr Mariusz Stepien, is employed at the university since 2004, currently at the position of Assistant Professor. Area of his scientific interests includes power electronics, superconductivity, transformers, converters and numerical modelling in electrical engineering. He is author or co-author of more than 140 scientific papers, 25 of them are indexed in JCR database, about 40 in other journals, more than 50 in post-conference proceedings. He is co-inventor of 12 patents (registered at Polish Patent Office) and 2 patents pending. He was/is involved in 14 research projects including 5 international projects (EU founds). He was project manager of 4 research projects.

In 2015-2017 at SUT he was a project manager of Erasmus+ KA2 project entitled “Academy of International Techno Entrepreneurship” realized in cooperation with Pamukkale University from Turkey and Dunarea de Jos University from Romania. The project was focused on the improvement of educational process of future entrepreneurs in area of technology and 2017 he started realization of KA2 Strategic Partnership in School Education as a coordinator (cooperation of Universite de Lorraine and Tallinn University of Technology). At the SUT Dr Stepien is responsible for several important areas. Since 2007 he is Departmental Coordinator of Erasmus+ programme, he is head of Faculty Commission for International Cooperation and coordinator at SUT of CUCEE network (Cooperation of Universities in Central and Eastern Europe). Dr Stepien has also important achievements in teaching area. He is head of Laboratory of Superconductivity, he serve scientific care for the Circle of Student Interests for Power Electronics. He was tutor of more than 100 of MSc and BSc theses. He cooperates with local social environment in promotion of technical sciences. He realized numerous lectures and presentation at primary and secondary schools located around the university, participated in Night of Scientists, Scientific Picnics and similar events.