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pierwsze spotkanie w ramach projektu erasmus+

W dniach 06.05-10.05. odbyło się pierwsze spotkanie partnerskie w ramach projektu Erasmus+ Ready2Aid. Partnerzy z Niemiec, Rumunii i Nowej Cerkwi  wzięli udział w warsztatach na terenie Zespołu Szkolno-Przedszkolnego w Gliwicach. Pierwszy dzień upłynął pod znakiem prezentacji swoich krajów, regionów, szkół, oraz gier i zabaw integracyjnych. Uczniowie zwiedzili również – Gliwice.

W kolejnych dniach nasi goście uczestniczyli w warsztatach pierwszej pomocy w komendzie miejskiej Państwowej Straży Pożarnej oraz mieli okazję nie tylko zobaczyć, ale również wykonać ciekawe eksperymenty na Politechnice Śląskiej w Gliwicach i Zabrzu (Wydział Inżynierii Biomedycznej). Warsztaty zorganizowane na terenie naszej szkoły i poprowadzone przez instruktora z Polskiego Czerwonego Krzyża pozwoliły na praktyczne wykorzystanie zdobytej wiedzy. Uczniowie ćwiczyli między innymi defibrylację, resuscytację krążeniowo- oddechową, ułożenie poszkodowanego w pozycji bezpiecznej oraz opatrywanie ran. Był również występ szkolnego zespołu tanecznego Gaduły, a po południu uczniowie wybrali się na wycieczkę do kopalni Guido w Zabrzu. Uczestnicy projektu wybrali się również na wycieczkę do Krakowa.

Całą wizytę podsumowaliśmy spotkaniem w formie konkurencji sprawdzających wiedzę z zakresu zdobytych umiejętności podczas warsztatów z pierwszej pomocy oraz sprawdziliśmy co nasi goście pamiętają o Gliwicach. Uczestnicy projektu wykonali plakaty, po czym wybrali się do Rud- było zwiedzanie i przejazd kolejką wąskotorową, a na koniec nastąpiło wręczenie certyfikatów.
Następne spotkanie już 02.06.19- tym razem w Niemczech…

Uczniowie klasy 7a przygotowali również filmik o naszej szkole w ramach projektu Erasmus+.

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Impressions about mobility in Gliwice
Ștefan Dumitrache - Romania

” What I liked the most was seeing the polish school, seeing the fire station and visiting Auschwitz because there is a lot of history there. Also I really liked learning CPR and others as such. It’s really good to know these things as you can save people’s lives.

Oliwia - Poland

We participated in the first part of the ERASMUS+ project for 5 days (from 6th to 10th May). We had guests from Romania, Poland and Germany. I’m sure that before the first meeting everyone was really stressed. And they thought: What do they look like? What are they like? Will they be nice? What will they think about us? What if they don’t want to talk to us? This stress was unnecessary. Everyone was open, nice and helpful. Some people were more sociable, some less. Some were short, some tall. Calm and energetic. But best of all, everyone was different, interesting, they were themselves. During the ERASMUS project, we met many people, their interests, culture and language. We learned a lot about the customs in their countries and how they look. We also learned many things about our country. We were in Krakow, the Guido Mine, the Silesian University of Technology and many other interesting places. We also gained many skills. We took part in a first aid course, classes at the Silesian University of Technology, we practiced our English and made many friends.

Eduard Gavrilă - romania

It was a great experience of meeting new people and making new friends. In my group we got to know eachother better and experienced what it means to live abroad. If I will get the chance, I will happily do it again

Ola - poland

We had the pleasure of accommodating the participants of the Erasmus + project at our school. We had a visit from schools from Chojnice, Romania and Germany. It was amazing to meet so many new people! Initially, we did not know how to start a conversation, but our teachers made sure to break the ice between us. By organizing many interesting games, they gave us an opportunity to talk to our peers and get to know each other better. We showed foreign students our school and talked about Poland, and in return, we learned many interesting things about their schools. We showed them around Gliwice and showed them the most interesting places. We visited the Guido Mine, participated in classes organized by the Silesian University of Technology, took part in creating experiments and went on a full-day trip to Cracow, where we had a great time together. We have achieved our goal and completed the first aid course, and now we know how to save someone’s life. But above all, we spent amazing five days together, met new friends and improved our English.

kinga- poland

On the trip I saw how to help the injured person, which I will definitely use when someone needs it. I could check my knowledge during the first aid quiz.

Piotr - poland

This trip gave me opportunity has to get to know more people. Be open to everything, help and enjoy with others. I met a lot od people and I started to speak English and improved my knowledge. You were the best!

kinga - poland

On the trip I liked the first aid course the most. There was a very nice atmosphere. The classes were interesting. Great people.

Kinga - POLAND

On the trip I saw how to help the injured person, which I will definitely use when someone needs it. I could check my knowledge during the first aid quiz.

OlaF - poland

During the Erasmus + trip, I liked coal mine the most. I am happy with the first aid classes because I have learned a lot and now I know how to provide help correctly. I really enjoyed the trip, I could fine-tune my English by speaking in that language. I would love to go on such trips as if it will be possible.

Krystian - Poland

During an educational project Erasmus+ some guests came to us from Romania, Germany and Chojnice. On the first day of our meeting we got to know each other. Every school prepared a presentation about their school and town. Our guests were able to look around our school and later in the afternoon they did some sightseeing in Gliwice. A tour guide (one of our teachers) showed us around the beautiful town and told us about its history.

The second day we spent at Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice and Zabrze. Then we went to visit state Fire Brigade in Gliwice, where we got to know their work. We could see the equipment used in different rescue operations.

During the next day all together with our guests we participated in intensive first aid course made for us by members of Polish Red Cross. After the exhaustive but very useful activities we had some fun time. We went on a trip to Guido Mine in Zabrze. In groups we went downstairs to the underground world to get to know the history of the mine.

Next day we went for a day trip to charming and beautiful Cracow. We visited the Wawel Castle, then we went to the Market Square. There we had some time to buy souvenirs and have a rest.

The last day we spent discussing our work and impressions during the project. We made thematic posters. At the end we went for a trip to Rudy Raciborskie where we got certificates at the ceremony ending of the Erasmus Project. Then we had a goodbye bonfire.

I will remember the time spent with wonderful young people for a long time.

Ana Rădoi - Romania

Our Erasmus mobility in Gliwice, Poland was a very useful and relevant experience.

To start with, we found out new knowledge and practices in firs aid. We learnt, once again, that acting quickly and in the proper manner can actually save lives.

Secondly, we learnt about Polish history and culture, and we enjoyed beautiful sights. We visited highly symbolic places that enriched our perception on Poland. We are grateful for the special hospitality of Polish partners.

Moreover, we met interesting people and made new friends – both teenagers and teachers or instructors. We exchanged views and experiences, we learnt to communicate and work together.

All in all, I think that Erasmus Project is an important opportunity for teenagers’ education; identifying common values and goals contributes to Europe’s evolution.

Mateusz - Poland

In Gliwice it was very nice. We visited Kraków, I don’t remember more but I know it was fun. Thank you teachers  And I still remember the Silesian University of Technology, but I won’t go there to study, because I didn’t like the inside. I liked the experiments

Diana Ciupercă - Romania

My experience in Gliwice was a great one and I am so glad of participating in this project. The polish people were so friendly and kind with us from the teachers to the students. I made some new Polish and German friends, too. They have prepared a very beautiful program with first aid programs, but with entertainment, too. We visited the city center of Gliwice ,which is absolutely beautiful. There is a cathedral, some statues and of course, lots of shops. They took us, too in Krakow where we visited Wawel Royal Castle. Than we ate lunch and had shopping free time. Friday we had some school activities (I forgot to mention how big was their school ) and than we visited a train station with a museum and had a great time riding a trolley. Even if it wasn’t programmed, on Saturday we visited Auschwits and I think it was nice of our hosts because of spending time with us. It was a great time and even if it was tiring I would repeat it again.

kamil - poland

In my opinion, that trip to Gliwice was really exciting. I saw a lot of places, more new friends and beautiful city Gliwice. In Gliwice I wasn’t  bored, because we’ve been doing something all the time. If I could stay longer, I would like to stay. Thanks!

nina - poland

On the trip I liked the first aid course the most. There was a very nice atmosphere. The classes were interesting. Great people.

Alysa Trușcă - Romania

I liked Poland very much! The project was very well organisated and interesting, and the courses taught me something very important: how to save lives. The food was great and the views I saw in Gliwice and Cracow were breathtaking. The people were very kind and friendly. I hope I”ll visit Poland again someday!

miłosz - poland

At the school trip to Gliwice, the Silesian University of Technology and the coal mine were the best for me. Fun group games  in English were excellent. I learned first aid there and I got to know English better.

Andrei Iordan - Romania

I am very happy because I could be part of this project. I met new people, I visited interesting places. Also the organizers were excellent! Poland is a very beautiful country! I love to visit new places! We are waiting for you in autumn!

Fabian Șendroiu - romania

For me the project Ready2Aid was an unique experience. I met new people, I tried local food and I visited a lot of beautiful monuments and I made new friends. The activities were full of fun and the teachers from there were very hospitable. For me the best activities were when we visited the Guido mine, when we visited the firefighter brigade, when we visited the monuments and when we learnt about first aid. In conclusion this project made me learn a lot of new and useful things.