The August-Bebel-Gesamtschule is a integrated comprehensive school with about 740 pupils. Our goal is to work together to realize a “humane” school that gives children confidence and a future.

We want to create a “house of learning” in which children, according to their different abilities, get the courage to perform well and enjoy learning and learning from each other.

As a UNESCO project school and school with “open doors”

  • is the school day characterized by intercultural learning,
  • we cultivate international contacts of all kinds,
  • we attach particular importance to language skills,
  • are democracy, human rights, tolerance and interaction
    with conflicts special teaching topics,
  • we attach great importance to ecological education,
  • we open to our environment.

In addition, the August-Bebel Comprehensive School, an open all-day school, offers a flexible all-day program with reliable all-day education, education and support, attractive working groups and a lunch prepared fresh every day.

Our school life is characterized by respect, responsibility, consideration for unusual personalities and special talents as well as freedom for unusual ideas.

We teach children of different origins, gifts and inclinations together. This makes common learning beyond primary school possible up to the 9th or 10th grade level.

At the Integrated Comprehensive School, all intermediate level diplomas can be achieved. Students who are aiming for the Abitur will be transferred to grade 11 of the Gymnasiale Oberstufe if they are able to do so.